© Maren Boedeker

© Maren Bödeker


In my professional practice as an architect, I have taken the opportunity to establish relationships with my clients and users that allow them to realize the necessity of following the best possible solution. These solutions are embedded in the existing context (historical, urban, and geographical) and consider the impacts of use and sustainability in creating an environmentally sound building.

Buildings, no matter their type, are subject to order. Order emerging from the events occurring in them and order inherent to the nature of the materials and the way they are joined. Integrating these perspectives of order and sensitivity towards the existing context generates the making of buildings into homes, livable workspaces, and humane environments.

The executed projects that reflect these aspects on many levels become not only a built statement, but a touchstone for further theoretical research. The intent is to project realistic projects that meet goals beyond that which is currently standard, while simultaneously suggesting a notion to what future parameters for buildings will be.

As an academic working at the university level, the three areas of applied research, creative work, and education have become naturally interdependent and deeply interwoven.